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Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia

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  • Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia
  • Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia
  • Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia
  • Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia
  • Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary by Atlas Australia

Electronic Digital Translator Dictionary (English/Arabic/French/German/Italian)


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Quick overview

ALShamel Dictionary contains (English/Arabic/French/German/Italian) talking dictionary, specialized dictionary, and Arabic & English.


1 Year Warranty


The EXPERT Dictionary is not a mere translator. It is developed to deliver the right Arabic / English / French / German and Italian languages in terms of grammer, conversation and pronu ciation. The device is independent from the internet so that you can carry it and use it worldwide. 

The EXPERT Dictionary contains (English/Arabic/French/German, Italian) talking dictionary.

The device contains the specialized dictionary (English / Arabic / French / German / Italian) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Elements, Geographic.

English, Arabic,and French Grammer

ALShamel contains Dialogue conversaion senetences in all aspects of life, the device can talk those sentences gramaticallly and pronunciationally correct in English, Arabic, French, German and Italian. Examples of those sentences are as follow: 

Communication : gratitude, apology, asking again, basic questions, greetings, saying goodbye, conversation, invitation...and more.

Accommodation : looking for a hotel, reservation, checking in, front desk, concierge, room service, laundry, operator, problems...and more.
Meals : looking for a restaurant, reservation, order, waiter's service, payment, fast-food, deli, cafeteria, bar, International cuisine.
Sightseeing : Leaving a country, in the plane, entering a country, tourist information, tours, exchanging money, photography, baggage claim, customs.
Transportation : asking for the way, airplane, ship, train, taxi...and more.
Entertainment : Recreation, bar, nightclub, karaoke, disco, sauna bath, casino, sport, tennis, scuba diving, golf.
Shopping : looking for a store, purchasing, bargaining, paying, clothes, claim.
Emergency : asking for help, lost/theft, sudden illness/injury, symptoms, diseases, hospital, consult a doctor, pharmacy, threat...and more.
Telecom/mail : mailing, telephone)
Business conversation : meeting, payment terms, letter of credit, shipment documents, general term of trader, interview.
Basic : Numbers, time, date, months, colors, figure, position, unit, General knowledge : Weather, country, city, vacation, animal, plant, insect.
Living : Housing, electrical appliances, furniture, sleeping set, clothing, shoes, size, toiletry, cosmetic, skin care, Jewelry/ accessories...and more.
Food : beverages, meat, vegetable, sea food, daily food, bar snack, fruit, meals, taste, cooking, condiments, dessert, liquor, dinner set.
Human being : family, education, occupation, marriage, race, religion, society, festival, zodiac, music.
Sport : ball games, water sports, general sports, terms of games, swimming.

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